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The amount of memory you choose determines how many players can play on your server at the same time without any problems. Of course, you can always increase your game server, but it is not wrong to plan more generously from the beginning.

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Storage space NVME SSD
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Easy management for your Counter-Strike Server

With us the wait is over! After payment, your game server is usually available within minutes.

With our in-house control panel you have full control over your game server at any time!

HIGH END AMD Processors

Unsere Game-Server setzen auf leistungsstarke Branded hardware, die neueste Technologie von AMD nutzt. Unsere Systeme sind ausgestattet mit AMD EPYC™ Prozessoren der 3. Generation sowie AMD Ryzen™ Prozessoren der Serie 5000, unterstützt durch den fortschrittlichen AMD 500 Chipsatz. Ein Highlight ist der AMD Ryzen™ 9 5950X, ein High-End-Prozessor mit 16 physischen Kernen und einer beeindruckenden Taktrate von bis zu 4,9 GHz, ideal für anspruchsvolle Gaming-Anforderungen.

Zur Gewährleistung einer exzellenten und sicheren Netzwerkanbindung verfügen alle unsere Hostsysteme über eine doppelte 10 GBit/s Anbindung, die DDoS-geschützt ist, um jederzeit optimale Verbindungsgeschwindigkeiten zu bieten.

You decide the number of players

At FameSystems you get for yours Counter-Strike Server unlimited player slots.

So you can always decide for yourself how many friends you can have fun with on your GameServer.

This Disables Arbor DDoS Protection

All our prepaid Counter-Strike Servers come with a Arbor DDoS-Schutz (up to over 1 TBit/s) secured.

Arbor distinguishes in real time between user traffic and attack traffic. This way your game server will not be limited by a DDoS attack.

Counter-Strike Server rentals

Wie in Counter-Strike-Spielen üblich, wird ein Gefecht auf einem begrenzten Spielfeld (Map) zwischen zwei Gruppen, Terroristen (Terrorists, kurz: T) und einer Antiterroreinheit (Counter-Terrorists, kurz: CT), mit Waffen und taktischen Ausrüstungen (zum Beispiel Schutzwesten) ausgetragen. Die Art des Gefechtes variiert je nach Spielmodus. Der Spieler hat die Möglichkeit online auf offiziellen Servern oder auf von der Steam-Community erstellten Servern zu spielen. Zudem kann der Spieler auch selbst einen Server hosten, auf welchem er alleine, privat mit anderen Spielern und/oder mit Bots spielen kann.

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Frequently asked questions

You can find our entire knowledge database with all questions and help in our here Helpdeks.

If you have a question about our products and services before you buy, or if you have a problem with your FameSystems product, our customer support is available 365 days a year from 10am to 10pm German time. Our team of experts is your personal and competent contact for all IT matters relating to your product. We offer you a ticket system, telephone hotline, e-mail support and live chat as contact options so that we can deal with your enquiry as quickly as possible.

We offer a variety of payment methods. Choose the easiest and most convenient payment method for you. The fees depend on the payment method you choose. In most cases FameSystems will take care of the transaction fees for you. Different customers like to pay in different ways and with FameSystems you can use all the different payment methods. From international payment card providers like Visa and American Express to digital wallets and platforms like PayPal and PaySafeCard, we make it easy for you to complete transactions with ease. You can find a list of all payment methods here.

After payment, our products are usually set up within minutes; delivery and installation are automated. You can view and track the progress at any time in the web interface. The setup of dedicated servers can take up to 72 hours (on working days), depending on your individual configuration and the availability of the hardware. Please note: Regardless of which product you purchase, the setup process will only begin after we have received payment from you.

We are located exclusively in Germany to ensure the highest security standards for our customers. All FameSystems servers and products have their home in the Maincubes in Frankfurt. The Maincubes offers a maximum capacity of 2,142 racks on 4,200 square metres in 6 rooms with 11 megawatts of power and cooling. The redundant power concept is based on the innovative UPS from Piller Power Systems and 6 independent diesel generators. The redundant air conditioning system is one of the most efficient solutions for data centre air conditioning.

Our data centre in Frankfurt is TÜV Level 3, DIN EN 50600 and ISO 27001 certified. This means that FameSystems contractually guarantees you a redundant and uninterruptible power supply and 100% availability. Both banks and insurance companies strive for this standard.

A multi-level security system protects your data. You benefit from the clear advantages of a data centre in Germany, such as operation according to German standards for data protection and operational security as well as DSGVO compliance.

The security of your servers is close to our hearts. All our servers are protected 24/7 against DDoS attacks (up to over 1 TBit/s) with multi-level protection measures and filtering methods. FameSystems relies on the worldwide market leader Arbor Networks. Our DDoS protection (up to 1 Tbit/s) mitigates all customer traffic 24/7 so that potential attacks are filtered and blocked in real time. You can find more information about FameSystems DDoS protection here.

You can upgrade your product at any time via the customer area. If you are already using the largest package, you are welcome to contact us about an upgrade and we will carry out a customised upgrade for you.

FameSystems guarantees price stability for the entire duration of the product you have booked. You don't have to worry about sudden price increases. This makes us a predictable and pleasant partner at your side with calculable and constant costs.

As soon as you rent a server from us, you enter into a contract with us, similar to shopping at the corner shop. Since our contract is made over the internet, it is of particular importance that you provide correct information in your profile, including your full name, street and house number, your place of residence with postcode and country. This information is especially important if you rent a domain or a root/vserver from us. For example, domains ending in ".de" can only be rented with correct information, as we are bound by the specifications of DENIC ( For root and vServers, you are responsible for all operations on your server. In case of problems or complaints, we always need a direct contact person, which is why a correct address is also essential in this case.

The most common hosting infrastructures are LXC vServer hosting, KVM root server hosting, cloud hosting and dedicated hosting. The main feature for a dedicated server is that this server is a hosting environment for a single customer. With most hosting options, a server is divided between several customers. vServer hosting, for example, distributes the resources of a physical server between several virtual machines.

With a dedicated server, the user has all the resources that the server has to offer. For this reason, dedicated servers are the most powerful option in hosting, hardly any other option offers more performance and flexibility.

Servers of this type are sometimes called bare-metal servers. The term bare-metal suggests that the user is close to the metal of the physical hardware. Unlike a cloud server that contains a hypervisor layer, users of a bare-metal server can use all the hardware. A dedicated server means the same as a bare metal, so you can consider the two things to be identical.

What is the difference between vServer and Rootserver hosting? Our traditional vServers are delivered using Linux vServers (container virtualisation), while KVM Rootserver is a full virtualisation. The difference is that with root servers you get full access to all hardware-related functions. You can use your own kernel, configure network settings, mount your own ISO files, access a VNC console and have exclusive access to dedicated CPU cores and resources. This gives you even more control over your server.

With our server hosting you enjoy numerous advantages, such as:

Cost-efficiency: Our hosting solutions offer you a cost-effective way to access powerful server resources such as AMD EPYC processors.

High availability and performance: We guarantee high availability and offer a powerful network infrastructure for optimal performance of your websites and applications.

Round-the-clock support: Our experienced support team is always available to help you with technical questions or problems.

Security: FameSystems implements strict security measures to protect your data and applications from threats, data loss and DDoS attacks.

Yes, at FameSystems we offer you the flexibility to easily scale your resources as your needs increase. You can easily scale and upgrade your hosting package via the FameSystems web interface without additional fees.

With our FameSystems server hosting, we provide you with physical high-performance servers that are connected to the Internet. You have the option of hosting and accessing your websites, applications, game servers or data on our high-performance servers. This saves you the effort and cost of running your own server.

We guarantee high reliability of our server infrastructure and an uptime guarantee of 97.9% annual average and 99.97% uptime on DDoS protection to ensure that your websites and applications are always accessible. Our customer support is available around the clock via email, phone or live chat to help you with any questions or problems.

You should rent a game server from FameSystems because we offer top-notch hardware, excellent support and a powerful network. We are specialized in providing you with the best gaming experience. Our servers are located in Germany and offer you the best performance and stability for a smooth gaming experience. Enjoy low latency and a reliable connection so you and your friends can fully concentrate on the game. Our in-house game server web interface is easy to use and offers all the features you need to successfully manage your server. Whether you want to install mods or customize your server settings, our user-friendly interface makes it easy.

Configuring a game server can vary depending on the game you want to host. However, here are some general steps and considerations that can help you configure a game server.

Game server RAM consumption and player count are closely related and play an important role in the performance and stability of a game server. Here is what you should know about it:

1. number of players and RAM: The RAM consumption of a game server usually increases with the number of players present at the same time. Each player playing on a server uses a certain amount of RAM to load and process the game world, objects, NPCs and other elements.

2. game type and modifications: RAM requirements can vary depending on the game type and the modifications installed. Games with extensive worlds, many players or complex modifications usually require more RAM.

3. minimum requirements: The minimum RAM requirements are often specified by the game manufacturer. These specifications indicate the minimum amount of RAM required to run the server. Therefore, at FameSystems the game servers for the different games differ in the minimum RAM you need to select. However, it is important to note that this often only applies to small numbers of players. For stable operation with many players, more RAM is often required.

4. influence on the performance: If there is not enough RAM available, this can lead to decreased performance and stability of the server. This manifests itself in the form of increased loading times, jerkiness in the game and possibly even server crashes.

5. scalability: To maintain performance and stability as the number of players increases, it may be necessary to increase the RAM capacity of the server. FameSystems makes it possible to scale the server's resources as needed.

6. monitoring and optimization: It is important to monitor the RAM consumption of your game server and optimize it if necessary. This can include removing unnecessary modifications or updating plugins and extensions.

Overall, it's crucial to keep an eye on your game server's RAM requirements and make sure there are enough resources to ensure a smooth gaming experience. The exact amount of RAM needed depends on several factors, including the game, the number of players, and the modifications used. If you are unsure, don't hesitate to contact our support. We will be happy to assist you, advise you and answer your questions. You can also order your GameServer with less RAM at first and upgrade it later via the web interface if you need more resources. The RAM upgrade does not cause any additional surcharge - you only pay the difference in RAM price for the remaining runtime of your server.

No, with us there is no minimum contract period. You can upgrade or cancel your server at any time, without long-term commitments.

You don't have to cancel your prepaid GameServer if you don't need it anymore. If you do not renew it within 7 days after the expiration of the term, it will be deleted automatically and free of charge for you.

Yes, you can always adjust the server resources such as RAM to meet your requirements.

Payment is convenient and secure via various payment methods, including PayPal, credit card, PaySafeCard and more. Prepaid means full cost control. You can determine exactly how much you want to spend by paying the game server for a certain period in advance. There are no hidden fees or surprises on your bill.

Yes, we also offer voice servers like Teamspeak to improve communication during the game.

Your data is safe with us. Our servers in Germany are subject to the strictest data protection regulations.

No more long waiting! As soon as your payment is received, your game server is usually available within a few minutes.

Our in-house GameServer web interface offers you a variety of benefits:

With its ease of use, it is easy to use even for beginners. You'll always have full control over your game server, customize settings, install mods, manage SQL databases, console access, create SFTP accounts, change game modes, adjust settings and count on quick responses without annoying waiting times. The clear management of your resources, players and more will make your life easier. And thanks to 24/7 access, you can access your control panel from anywhere, anytime to manage your server effortlessly. With our user-friendly GameServer web interface, managing your server has never been easier!

FameSystems only collects and stores the personal data necessary for the provision of our services. This includes, for example, name, email address and payment information. In addition, for security reasons, we store the IP address used in the web interface to protect us from criminal and fraudulent intent.

No, our company does not use subcontractors from other EU countries for order fulfilment and processing. The hosting products and services offered are housed exclusively on our own servers in our own private racks at the high-performance data centre of Maincubes one GmbH in Frankfurt FRA01, taking into account German standards for data protection and operational security as well as DSGVO.

The protection of your personal data is our highest priority. We use modern security measures to prevent unauthorised access, misuse or theft of your data.

We will only use your data for the purposes set out in our privacy policy. This includes, among other things, the provision and administration of our services and communication with you.

Yes, you have the right to access, correct or delete your stored data. You can make these requests via our customer support.

Our data protection officer is Mr Nick Becker. You can contact our data protection officer at [email protected] if you have any questions or concerns about data protection.

At FameSystems, we take privacy seriously and are committed to keeping your personal information secure and transparent about our privacy practices. If you have any further questions about privacy, please do not hesitate to contact us.

A multi-level security system protects your data. You benefit from the clear advantages of a data centre in Germany, such as operation according to German standards for data protection and operational security as well as DSGVO compliance. Our data centre in Frankfurt is TÜV Level 3, DIN EN 50600 and ISO 27001 certified.