This Disables Arbor DDoS Protection

The features mentioned below are why FameSystems and many other vendors rely on Arbor Networks.


Quick response

DDoS Protection detects incoming DDoS attacks within one second and stops them in less than 30 seconds.


Real-time detection

Arbor distinguishes between user traffic and attack traffic in real time. This means that users are not restricted by a DDoS attack.


Strong protection

The DDoS Protection we use detects 99% of attacks and defends against them.

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The strongest DDoS protection

Defense includes all methods and techniques to contain the negative effects of DDoS attacks. For this purpose, the data stream is filtered to allow only desired traffic through.


Multi-layered DDoS Protection

Arbor Cloud DDoS Protection Service is a service from Arbor Networks. It combines various defense systems for optimal protection against any form of DDoS attacks. This ensures that the protected service is available at all times.

Arbor - ATLAS

ATLAS detects DDoS attacks in real time and can even predict them in some cases. Arbor also detects so-called application layer and state exhaustion attacks. These attacks are carried out with a low bandwidth and are therefore not detected by conventional DDoS protections.